Week 52, Daily Celebration

African Heritage Daily Celebration of Black History

Set your mind to the task.  Though Panacea Corps OCS Ltd and the Blackipedia Community has identified District of Columbia as week 52 in the perpetual African Heritage Daily Celebration of Black History.

Minister Tyrone USA Jones founded the Daily Celebration of Black History in the United States while using the Gregorian calendar system to align with Universe law.

The Gregorian calendar system offers a significant rise to an ongoing cycle that allows the entire world to join together on one cord insofar as interconnecting other calendar systems and time tables to chronologically parallel the lineage of one African Heritage time line.

The system put into practice in the United States offers an annual 52 week turnaround time that repeats it’s cycle year after and therefore granting logical jurisdiction for deputized (TDOA – a special unit) Third Division Officers of Authority, the Blackipedia Community and volunteers per each state by state as (OCSO) Official Community Service Observers.

The Blackipedia History Time Line is a well thought out plan. The model used in the United States shall concrete a system to be used by each country as all mirror the calibration to galvanize an African Heritage time line.

In addition each PCOCS state committee will expand their study to comprehend “Our Story Now” as it is associated with the seven Global continents.

Complete list of 52 weeks in the United States Complete list of Counties in the United States
Details of all 7 Seven Continents Countries listed by Continent


“OUR STORY NOW” in  Washington DC


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