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How to Write For is a free online Wiki Google searchable Database.  This platform introduces the Blackipedia Mission as the most eminent educational tool presented to man.  (click here for a tip on how to write)

The Blackipedia Voice is exclusive yet it defines the covenant that strengthens the foundation of the next generation for the civil right movement.  PCOCS has maintained its integrity for the past 8 years on the single issue becoming the first and currently the only organization known to us at this time organizing to Centralize Black History Information and knowledge.

 Google search for Centralizing Black History As of 10-8-2017

Blackipedia Mission

Panacea Corps OCS Ltd. is asking all writers and scholars to parallel search these specific times, dates and places and simply establish where Africans and their Descendants were and what they were doing at the same times dates and places each of the seven Continents and all territories within each country was created and to collaborate into one realistic timeline and therefore, documenting on the one moment at a time.  (click here for a tip on how to write) for

The strategic design for (Centralizing Black History Information) collecting, sourcing, certifying and protecting African Heritage also known as Black History information and knowledge has taken on new meanings.  By public demand, people are wanting to clarify Black History as Our Story Now and not His Story.  Many people continue to cry out for a solution where even today some leaders often ask their supporters and followers (what do we do?)

“GET INVOLVED”  The Blackipedia Mission is designed Not to Ask Questions insofar as the Blackipedia Mission is designed to provide solutions in several different areas and to cause an immediate impact of the Blackipedia awakening in process.

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