(As of 10-8-2017 Google search for Centralizing Black History Information shows 49,000 results with no other organization claiming to centralize Black History while when Google searched {PCOCS, Blackipedia or TDOA} Centralizing Black History Information showing over 9,000 results where PCOCS, Blackipedia, and TDOA are the only listings found that mentioned Centralizing Black History).

This concludes our search and results that there is no competition and no others found claiming to Centralize Black History Information and Knowledge.

The Government and the Library of Congress would be the only real competition that comes close to what Blackipedia.net is doing. 

The United Nations have made a bold move by establishing the Decade for People of African Descent. meaning the UN has dedicated ten years to the study and collection of our African Ancestry. Starting in the year 2015 and ending in the year 2024.

For all known purposes, the Blackipedia Project has elected to take charge of Centralizing African Heritage also known as Black History information and knowledge complete throughout the entire world. Meaning the UN and all their findings shall be equal in rank and viewed alongside every other civil and human description of historical findings.

The findings and views posted on Blackipedioa.net shall be certified by (BAS) Blackipedia Administrative Scholars.

M’TUSA  Founder,

Get Involved, Email: Skip.Payne@pcocs.org


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