The Blackipedia Domestic Case was designed to align the history in every community under the jurisdiction of the United States and it’s territories.

The simple task involves observing the current history as it exist in consideration that every historical event has a starting point.  The Blackipedia project has a focus point of searching for an identical time and era that parallel the current and existing history as it has been told and documented.  The new search will be focused on learning about descendants of enslaved Africans and descendants from Africa and exactly what their history was at the precised time existing history skimpy failed to write it in.

For example: each searched item will tell a story about where descendants of enslaved Africans and descendants from Africa were and what they were doing when your local county was founded.  When your community was developed.  The primary search should start at the point when your state or territory was formulated. This will cover most of the untold stories as the Blackipedia project began to inter connect all the stories as one.


United States, Commonwealth and the District of Columbia

Week 1 Delaware (DE)


Week 2 Pennsylvania (EPA, WPA)


Week 3 New Jersey (NJ)


Week 4 Georgia (GA)


Week 5 Connecticut (CT)


Week 6 Massachusetts (MA)


Week 7 Maryland (MD)


Week 8 South Carolina (SC)


Week 9 New Hampshire (NH)


Week 10 Virginia (VA)


Week 11 New York (NY)


Week 12 North Carolina (NC)


Week 13 Rhode Island (ARRL: RI)


Week 14 Vermont (VT)


Week 15 Kentucky (KY)


Week 16 Tennessee (TN)


Week 17 Ohio ARRL: (OH)


Week 18 Louisiana (LA)


Week 19 Indiana (IN)


Week 20 Mississippi (MS)


Week 21 Illinois (IL)


Week 22 Alabama (AL)


Week 23 Maine (ME)


Week 24 Missouri (MO)


Week 25 Arkansas (AR)


Week 26 Michigan (MI)


Week 27 Florida (FL)


Week 28 Texas (TX)


Week 29 Iowa (IA)


Week 30 Wisconsin (WI)


Week 31 California (CA)


Week 32 Minnesota (MN)


Week 33 Oregon (OR)


Week 34 Kansas (KS)


Week 35 West Virginia (WV)


Week 36 Nevada (NV)


Week 37 Nebraska (NE)


Week 38 Colorado (CO)


Week 39 North Dakota (ND)


Week 40 South Dakota (SD)


Week 41 Montana (MT)


Week 42 Washington (WA)


Week 43 Idaho (ID)


Week 44 Wyoming (WY)


Week 45 Utah (UT)


Week 46 Oklahoma (OK)


Week 47 New Mexico (NM)


Week 48 Arizona (AZ)


Week 49 Alaska (AK)


Week 50 Hawaii (HI)


Week 51 All United States Territories


Week 52 District of Columbia / Washington, DC

United Stares Territories

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