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Kemet Civilization – Kemet Historical Perspective

David Dawn’s Belief -(Mu and Lemuria)

Through the research that I have come across in the past, I believe the following:The African-Polynesian world started with the first migration from Africa. Scientist agree that the people moved in to the south east Asia area and migrated to the islands. The water was much lower at the time. If land connected Alaska to the Asian continent then there was a lot more islands in the present chain of islands of today, which made it easier to travel from one island to another. Between the first and second migration the people learned about the ocean and explored the neighboring islands. Throughout this time, they explored all of the way to Hawaii and the Americas.

After the second migration the Chinese sailed to central America, specifically Mexico area and breaded with the people. Thus, giving the Mexicans a short and stocky body. You can see the difference when you look at the other Central Americans. The Spaniards went to Central America too and you can see that their inter breading made a change in the Mexicans as well. Today’s true Mexican is short, stocky and has Chinese eyes.

The American and European history would like us to believe that there have not been any other humans before our modern day history. Keep in mind that this is the history of conquerors and conquerors rewrite history to make themselves look and feel as being number one in the world and in known history. They also know that a lot of highly religious people and closed-minded people do not want to come out of their comfort zone. They are not updated with the new discoveries of science and history. Most of the different countries around the world knows of the new discoveries which echoes their own ways of teaching from their forefathers. Atlantis and Lemuria are just a few of the civilizations around before today’s modern day history.


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