1, AFRICA (54)

Welcome to Blackipedia of Africa

AFRICA is one of seven continents and has 54 countries.  According to the Blackipedia Mission and to give you an enlightening experience, KING M’TUSA (aka) Minister Tyrone USA Jones paralleled the seven days of the week together with the seven continents and therefore perfecting the international study guide for receiving and giving systematic instructions, especially when searching the Blackipedia.net website and galvanizing the Daily Celebration of Black History.  

Please visit the Blackipedia of the United States 52 weekly events. it shall be used as an official national blueprint for Commemorating the African Heritage Daily Celebration of Black History.  There you will find that the Panacea Corps OCS Ltd and the Blackipedia Community has established system consisting of 52 weekly events according to the Gregorian yearly calendar system to be used as an official international and perpetual African Heritage Daily Celebration of Black History marker.

KING M’TUSA (aka) Minister Tyrone USA Jones has founded the Daily Celebration of Black History in the United States.  The Daily Celebration of Black History comes to fruition while KING M’TUSA selected to use a significant combination of the Gregorian calendar system, the seven continents, and the world’s democracy as the inner core to generate and strengthen the foundation for all civil and human rights throughout the world.

During your search, you will start with identifying and documenting all Black History associated with the order that has granted Statehood which started December 7, 1787, in the United States of America.  The Blackipedia mission is asking the general public to help learn and to document all Black History as associated with what is currently known as the 46 states, 4 Commonwealths, the District of Columbia and the 16 Territories.  (Please note this is only a logical starting point).  KING M’TUSA and the Blackipedia community selected this model because the State of the Union has a history that can easily be traced.  There are over 3,000 counties in the United States of America.  As you become more involved you will learn to use our cookie cutter that will extract all the Black History as it shall be exposed per each county, parish, State, Commonwealth, the District of Columbia and all United States territories.

Watch Out Here, because this is where the Blackipedia Mission is looking to find the necessary workforce and volunteers to complete this task and to position ourselves for the future.  This new platform offers a well-thought-out strategic plan that solidifies the Panacea Corps OCS Ltd structure that begins to resonate within each community.  The Blackipedia Mission shall become more simplified as Panacea Corps OCS Ltd continues to partner with every single civil right and community organization, leader and activist in America.

The Gregorian calendar system offers a significant rise to an ongoing cycle that allows the entire world to join together on one cord insofar as interconnecting the seven Continents with the seven days of the week. Meaning seven days a week each continent will be observed during a single day and in the order, as specified below.

  1. Africa (Sun) – 2. Antarctica (Mon) – 3. Asia (Tues) – 4. Australia (Wed) – 5. Europe (Thurs) – 6. N America (Fri) – 7. S America (Sat)

KING M’TUSA selected to use the 365.25 days a year, totaling 52-weekly events according to the Gregorian calendar system because it allows the world to celebrate daily without a conflict of interest, however, the call for an international Daily Celebration of Black History comes with a price to pay.  It is going to require the undivided attention and sacrifice from all the people in this world who have the knowledge to fulfill this order.

KING M’TUSA has established Blackipedia.net as a special platform complete with the Blackipedia Seal.  If you are ready, willing and able to Celebrate Black History Every Day and still don’t quite understand the details, please contact us and we will help you get started.