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Blackipedia.net is the “N-FOBHE” New Free Online Black History Encyclopedia.  This is a new Global platform.  It has been put into practice to become the new world connection for expanding, learning and understanding how to bridge dichotomies for the entire African diaspora from it’s beginning to the core of every corner on earth. As raconteurs of writers and users across the internet join to tell “OUR STORY NOW”, the Blackipedia Project shall straighten the foundation for perpetual movement as the general public learns more about  the history of Africans, African Descent all over the world “meaning, Europe, France, England, Denmark, Holland, Portugal, Brazil and so on”, enslaved Africans and all their descendants, Jamaicans, Haitians, West Indies, Creole, People of Color, Negros, African Americans, Native from any continent, African Heritage and those who are identified as being Black.



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